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Apple app store dating apps

When people search for “sex apps,” they aren’t always looking for the same thing.

Some people are hunting for an app that will help them find people to hook up with.

Requests and photos are only visible to those with matching search criteria.

The request, with the history of conversation and photos, will be automatically deleted within an hour.

It’s not clear how much it will cost after that date.You can search through pictures of your friends (and your friends’ friends), and decide if you want to GET DOWN (hook up) or GET DATE (have a relationship).There are over 1 million people using this app, and DOWN also hosts exclusive hook-up parties that you can learn more about from within the app.(”I humbly apologise if you had taken offence at our post,” he wrote.) Yet despite all of the blowback, Eng continued ahead with the app.While High Blood announced that the app would go into public beta last Friday, Eng said it hit a hurdle when it was rejected by Apple’s App Store moderators because of what he called a “technicality.” “One of the regulations was that submitted apps cannot ‘objectify people,’” he said in an email to CNBC.

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  1. She asked them to describe their experiences and, more importantly, the emotions they experienced the morning after. We sleep with whoever will have us, regardless of whether that person is a good fit.