Benaughty dating site

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Benaughty dating site

Any woman can join for free, so beware of scammers who tell you that the card you signed up with has been used for making illegalpurchases.

They tried it with me (and didn't succeed) though when I reported them they were taken off the site within seconds (only to sign up with a different name and email address) like "moderator secure" etc etc.

I used this site a few years ago after a messy break up and I had a great time.

I rejoined and couldn't believe it was the same site and I'm a FEMALE.

It was never perfect and always a little dubious when it came to payments but they're apalling now.

Since the lastest upgrade I can't even access my account even though I paid a 3 month subscription…

Read Full Review Written on: 21/09/2014 I so agree with you.

In other words, they either have an automated system that fishes ones location from the ad in CL, or they have an actual person responding... Read Full Review I tried a "3 day trial" for £5.70 but by the time I had finished entering card details the fee had somehow changed to a "full upgrade" and was £14.30.

I was also informed I had to cancell to avoid repeat billing.

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the majority of girls accounts are fakes (girls join for free so it can even be a fat 60 year old man trying to scam you) and the ones who aren't fake are either hookers or cam girls.