Best dating site without scammers

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Best dating site without scammers

I will lose my home and will be destitute," said Janet, a Virginia woman who wrote to us recently and whose story was featured recently in The New York Times.Is there anything consumers can do to avoid being brutally scammed by online charlatans?Simply put, the scale of the problem is huge but the perpetrators are mostly individuals or, at the most, small groups.It's like trying to enforce speed limits -- so many people break the law that they overwhelm enforcement efforts.

That's an obviously outlandish situation but is not much more outlandish than the scams that are transacted each day, with tragic results."I am a widow, 76 years old, and I have been scammed via, out of everything I own.

How could they have missed him when he was just reported?

"The official explanation for why seniors so often fall victim to dating and other scams is that they are trusting, lonely and perhaps naive.

Reddit recently ousted its CEO for, among other things, trying to crack down on harassment and racist posts. The people who used to be regarded as cranks now get virtual badges for frequent postings. In this atmosphere, where sites are flooded with thousands of submissions a day, it is impossible for anyone to read and review each submission in advance.

Similarly, it's nearly impossible to read all the emails from readers commenting on and complaining about other submissions.

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Likewise, complaints to police departments accomplish little since local law enforcement agencies lack the resources to go after bandits operating outside their jurisdiction and, in many cases, outside the country."I sent them names of the contacts at the banks I sent the money through hoping they would be interested in at least nabbing some of the people in the rings in this country," one 70-year-old dating scam victim told us. They said they get several calls a day about this kind of thing just in my city of 100,000."Many scammed consumers think the law will make them whole."My question to you is: Can you please recommend an attorney that would help me recover my losses because of this crime?