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C14 dating diamonds

He gives the example of the Dead Sea Scrolls, the linen wrappings of which were dated to between 150 B. I could find no evidence of it, until I considered the source of the claim.

He is, of course, referring to young earth scientists who tested material that contains C, there are numerous ones that are truly "carbon-14 dead." Based on his explanation, as you will see, any dead layers invalidate his conclusion at the end of this chapter.

Briefly, normal carbon is carbon-12 (C atoms are incorporated, along with normal carbon atoms, into the cellulose structure of plants and trees, and they also enter into the tissues of animals.

When a plant or animal dies, no more carbon is added.

The final explanation he addresses is that radioactive decay of heavy isotopes within the coal/diamond, such as uranium, create new carbon-14.

And, since these samples are tested, they can be compared to other carbon-dead samples, and if they give too high a reading, they are known not to be carbon-dead.In the near future, scientists hope to have this extended out to around 180,000 years.Finally, the author mentions a possible problem in the use of calibration standards.De Young lists several young earth people who have studied, and identified, ancient rocks in the literature with detectable amounts of C.I agree that samples can be found which are not dead, however, in highlighting these samples and trumpeting them to their followers, they ignore the other samples which are dead.

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For some reason, you don't hear about these, because in the end, these would invalidate their conclusion, as you will see.