Congress passed law 2016 mandating bulbs

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Congress passed law 2016 mandating bulbs

According to the NYT, the fact that Donald Trump correctly listed a business loss on his tax returns means,...9/29/2016 - Meet Matthew Barzun, the U. This is how the government has been operating under Obama; globalists are paying...8/18/2016 - The Obama administration is planning to use more taxpayer dollars to fund Zika studies, because it squandered the money allocated for infectious disease research on the United Nation's bogus "climate" fund.Not only was the money misappropriated, but it was done illegally, sources say.As reported by the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, state Attorney General Bob Ferguson has said that he will not settle...4/20/2016 - In news that will be embraced by health-conscious consumers and organic farmers alike, Costco is finding the demand for organic food to be so staggering, that it is lending money to farmers so they can grow enough organic food to keep up.The Seattle Times reports that Costco came up with this brilliant...4/7/2016 - A Canadian mother from Calgary has become one of the latest people to defraud the medical system using cancer as the means.The National Center for Public Policy Research (NCPPR) believes that the solution to trans fats giving people heart disease and...6/16/2015 - The U. Congress is on the verge of completely gutting the forced redistribution of wealth scheme known as Obamacare, and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is now telling individual states that cleaning up the mess from the debacle it created will be their responsibility, not the federal...5/21/2015 - There is an echo chamber of economic elitists, corporatists and officials forming to eliminate physical money in favor of creating a digital means of engaging in commerce that governments would control.

As such, the world's largest seed company and its partners...7/6/2015 - The U. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has met fierce opposition from a conservative think tank group that is upset about the agency's recent decision to ban trans fats.

In the hands of the right individuals, they can be made to serve a different purpose, one that doesn't necessarily follow...2/24/2016 - The push by the world's central bankers to essentially ban the use of cash is intensifying, but it belies another truth that is hard to escape: Even as they advocate a cashless society, which they say is necessary to reduce theft and stop criminals, these same central bankers are printing money like...2/11/2016 - Almost every major disease affecting our population was survived by some people who now advocate to help others overcome it.

Most of the times, these people are trying to use their experience to warn the public about the inherent dangers of a particular practice, e.g.

Now the federal...8/17/2016 - What you are witnessing in the stock market right now is an artificially induced bubble that's being desperately engineered to get Hillary Clinton elected in November.

After the election, all bets are off, and a massive, systemic collapse of the global debt system is inevitable.

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This is evidenced by the rise of GOP presidential nominee Donald J.