Divorce rates from online dating

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Because it advertises itself to those who are seeking a spouse, e Harmony may simply attract more people who are ready to settle down.A marriage-focused website, Cacioppo says, “is not appealing if you are just looking for a hookup.” Cacioppo notes one additional reason why the online world might be conducive to matchmaking — an explanation that might surprise many online daters who have met people whose bodies didn’t exactly match their pictures.The second report states that whilst the stats can't provide a clear reason for why people divorce, it does believe that the numbers support the argument that less importance is placed on civil marriage compared to religious marriage.Both reports have detailed the ways internet dating may have eroded people's commitment to long term relationships due to the sheer amount of choice now available to both the single and attached, but there is room for both according to some.“If you do online dating, all of sudden, there’s a world of possibilities.” Another potential explanation for differences between online and off-line marital success has to do with personality.“If you have good impulse control, you may be more likely to meet your spouse [deliberately] online rather than impulsively at a bar,” he says.The United Kingdom has the highest rate in the EU with nearly 20 people in every 1000 getting divorced per annum.According to the first report published here, as the number of internet dating users has grown, so too have the number of divorces.

When it comes to playing Cupid, it’s still not clear whether online dating ultimately makes better matches.The study does not suggest that meeting online in and of itself actually improves matchmaking or somehow causes marriages to be better.In fact, both online and off, different types of meeting places were linked with different marital prospects.Of dating sites, e Harmony fared particularly well — a finding that may raise suspicion because of the funding source.However, the study could not determine whether or not this has anything to do with how it matches people or anything else specific to the site.

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"Online dating provides a place for you to not only just meet someone new, but to meet someone with likeminded values and beliefs.