Files in etc need updating

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Files in etc need updating

This issue is resolved and i am editing this just to format this question well and to increase readability.The PHP-XML extension is not installed or disabled on your host.

satisfiable by maatwebsite/excel[1.3.2, v1.3.0, v1.3.1, v1.3.3, v1.3.4, v1.3.5, v1.3.6, v1.3.7].I am using Laravel 4 and composer as a dependency manager.I tried several time to do this, searched on various forums and got nothing to solve this.I went and deleted the new config, so I don't accidentally enable it it some day.I've emerged Wine and it runs almost every Windows app I use, but when it was finished compiling, it said that 4 files in /etc need updating. This is a normal part of gentoo emerge -u man, *dont* use #2 on a regular basis, thats how i totally screwed up my system a few months back. #1 will just overwrite the old file and #3 will allow you to merge the files so you dont lose _anything_ you might need.

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To enable extensions, verify that they are enabled in those files: - /etc/- /etc/php.d/20-bz2- /etc/php.d/20- /etc/php.d/20- /etc/php.d/20- /etc/php.d/20- /etc/php.d/20- /etc/php.d/20- /etc/php.d/20- /etc/php.d/20- /etc/php.d/20- /etc/php.d/20- /etc/php.d/20- /etc/php.d/20- /etc/php.d/20- /etc/php.d/20-sqlite3- /etc/php.d/20- /etc/php.d/30- /etc/php.d/30- /etc/php.d/30-pdo_- /etc/php.d/30-pdo_- /etc/php.d/40- /etc/php.d/40This question is old and i was new to stackoverflow.

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