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So when I do call, it is because the pain of loneliness in the present moment has overcome the pain of what I know the next day will bring. I guess I just hoped it would finally dawn on some of the men here that being a single woman is not a cake walk - that we are lonely and hurting and desperate. I am also posting for the other women who might feel as I do, that they must be broken or worthless because no one seems to want to love them..are too afraid to admit that frankly, they do need it to feel complete.We do need to be held, and cherished, and adored but somehow our society has warped this into embarrassment and shame.Lonely cheating wives married dating redefines the possibilities of dating for the select crowd looking for more than what they get at home.Everyday men and women join lonely cheating wives for a chance to flirt and chat with lonely housewives.Lonely Cheating is a discreet married dating service that allows men and married women to find and set up dates privately online.

To that, they invariably repeat, “You are intelligent, strong, beautiful, sexy, and successful – that is scary to men.” The funny thing is, it really doesn’t make a darned bit of difference. I will readily admit before I am asked, that yes – I can get laid. When the loneliness is too much and I am craving human touch to feel like I even exist, there are any number of men willing to step in and give me an evening of…human touch.

Time and time again married men and women get tired and bored with their relationships.

Married couples some- times need a new spark in their love life or a change of pace to keep things exciting. We help single or married men & married women find and secure a discreet date online.

It could be your next door neighbor or your co- workers wife looking for that next secret affair or discreet date.

You never know until you browse the thousands of personals online.

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Here me – I do actually know that will happen – I am not stupid or deluded by the players. This is what drives me to do the things you all call stupid and silly.

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