Outlook 2016 appointments not updating

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Outlook 2016 appointments not updating

Click on the Private button (padlock) on the Appointment tab.Note: If you share your calendar you may wish to mark some appointments as private so that those you are sharing your calendar with cannot see them.Task: A task is an activity that involves only you and doesn't need a scheduled time.To open a recurring calendar event or to change its details, double-click on the occurence.In order to view someone else's calendar, that person must share his/her calendar with you as well.You can select the way that your calendar information is displayed by clicking Calendar in the Navigation Pane.For more information, use Outlook's Help button (a white question mark in a blue circle near the top right section of the window).

With an event, you can still have other entries appear in your schedule for that day.To check, open i Cloud for Windows and compare it with your other devices.You need to set up an @email address before you can use i Cloud Mail.If you didn't set up an i Cloud Mail account at the same time as i Cloud, the Mail option in your i Cloud for Windows account might be grayed out.After you set up an @email address, you can make the Mail option available when you close and reopen i Cloud for Windows.

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