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In 2016, the RAF Ceremonial approved a station badge as no formal badge ever existed for RAF Little Rissington.This badge adopted the 22 (Training) Group badge and motto.The USAF left Little Rissington in 1993 and it was handed back to the Royal Air Force.

A bunker is attached to the Sick Ward/Medical Centre at the main technical site.

It is commonly mistaken for the rumoured underground USAF(E) hospital.

The ward/bunker is covered in earth for protection and to remove the need to move patients during air raids.

The aerodrome was cleared for C-130 Hercules and C-5 Galaxies.

During the Gulf War, Little Rissington was held on its highest readiness state for several decades as it prepared for casualties.

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The airfield, RAF Little Rissington, continues to remains active and regularly used for elementary flying training, air drops, aircraft maintenance, and ground training.

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